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March 26, 2016
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1 Introduction
Breakthrough Breast Cancer



Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a United Kingdom charity committed to fighting breast cancer through research, campaigning and education. Its vision is "to work for a future free from the fear of breast cancer".


The Breakthrough Toby Robins Breast Cancer Research Centre, at the Institute of Cancer Research, is the result of more than ten years' work by Breakthrough Breast Cancer and its supporters. Breakthrough was the vision of Bill Freedman and his children. Bill's wife, Toby Robins, died from breast cancer in 1986. Together with Professor Barry Gusterson of the Institute of Cancer Research, Bill recognised that a new approach was needed to tackle this disease.

Their vision was of a centre of excellence for breast cancer research, with experts working under one roof on a coordinated programme of research. Breakthrough Breast Cancer was founded to make this a reality.

In addition to the Breakthrough Research Centre, Breakthrough has campaigned for better breast cancer services. In November 2003, Breakthrough???s Campaigns & Advocacy Network was formed when the UK Breast Cancer Coalition (UKBCC) merged with Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Breakthrough works in partnership with other cancer research organisations and is a member of the National Cancer Research Institute.

The Breakthrough Generations Survey aims to survey 100,000 women and "plans to be the largest, most comprehensive scientific study into the causes of breast cancer" It is being carried out in association with the Institute of Cancer Research. Women taking part are asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about a wide range of health and lifestyle topics, and to have a blood sample taken, and will be followed up by investigators over the next 50 years.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer offers many fundraising campaigns throughout the year, including running events, treks, Pink Your Party, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, Banquet for Breakthrough, Crocus Walks, ??1,000 Challenge and more. In May 2010, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Buckingham Bingo launched a new campaign using Facebook to raise awareness of the charity's cause. The fundraising drive aims to generate an extra ??5,000 for Breakthrough by donating ??1 for every person who follow the campaign on Facebook.

M & S has sold a wide range of charitable women's clothes for Breakthrough Breast Cancer for many years.

Launched during Breast Cancer Awarenss month in October 2008, the "Talk TLC" campaign is an extension of Breakthrough Breast Cancer's TLC (Touch, Look, Check) breast awareness messaging, encouraging women across the UK to be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. 46,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK and Breakthrough Breast Cancer wants at least this number to pledge to spread the "TALK TLC" message via a unique pledge site.

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